A Support Group Community for New Moms


What is Mama's Virtual Village?

Mama's Virtual Village is a support group community that connects moms like YOU together with moms of babies born in the same month AND with moms navigating similar topics & struggles within motherhood. It's a safe space to connect on a more personal level, receive support, give support, ask questions & get answers, celebrate your wins, learn & vent without the fear of judgement or shaming. It's basically like a matchmaking space for new moms to make meaningful connections with other new moms that are right alongside of them. There are so many friendships waiting to be made & I can't wait to start playing matchmaker!

Our support group community is for moms of babies 0 - 12 months of age.


What's Included?

✔️ A weekly Support Group to connect on a more personal level

✔️ Monthly Live events with experts, guest speakers & myself on the topics that YOU want & need

✔️ Pop-up support groups with Jenn on specific topics

✔️ An exclusive app to take Mama's Virtual Village with you on the go

✔️ A private space off of social media without any distractions

✔️ Instant access to our growing resource library organized by topic

✔️ Ability to connect with moms in a group chat or an individual chat

✔️A flexible community; an opportunity to be involved or just observe and utilize the resources. This is YOUR space

✔️ ME! A whole lot of support from me. I'm with you every step of the way 

   YES, PLEASE!   

"I would love to connect with moms who are also navigating ___________."

✔️ the NICU or past NICU experience

✔️ postpartum anxiety, depression, OCD, intrusive thoughts, rage, etc.

✔️ motherhood after infertility

✔️ Marriage after baby

✔️ motherhood with a toddler & a new baby

✔️ reflux, colic and/or gas

✔️ returning back to work soon

✔️ being a working mom or a stay at home mom

✔️ exclusively pumping

✔️motherhood after loss

✔️ DONE, DONE & DONE! ✔️

In Mama's Virtual Village, we bring YOU together with other moms navigating and/or struggling with the same exact things. How incredibly helpful & validating is that?! We have so many different Tribes already & we're always adding more based on the connections that YOU are wanting to make.

Try it out! Cancel at any time!

What You'll Gain From Mama's Virtual Village

✚ Real & meaningful connections & a community of mamas that are right alongside you & can absolutely become your virtual besties

✚ Support, encouragement & a whole lot of love

✚ A sense of belonging in the isolating journey of motherhood

✚ Education, awareness & knowledge on things often not spoken about

✚ Feeling seen, heard, understood, validated & less alone in your struggles

✚ Face to face contact & adult convos with mamas via our virtual groups

✚ Your lifeline during every season of motherhood 

✚ A safe & judgement-free community

✚ Feeling more confident, at ease & relaxed so you can enjoy this special time with your baby


Meet Jenn & Learn About Her WHY


This is for you if....

✔️ You're looking for mom friends to connect with on a more personal level & with moms of babies the same age as yours

✔️ You're looking for support & community in the isolating journey of motherhood

✔️ You're feeling overwhelmed & burnt-out

✔️ You're not feeling like yourself & feel like you're the only one struggling

✔️ You're looking for a safe space to vent, share openly & honestly & be met with support & understanding  

✔️ You're googling endlessly, posting in Facebook groups desperate for answers & questioning every decision you make

✔️ You're feeling as if you prepared more for your baby than you did for yourself postpartum (hello every mama 🙋🏽‍♀️)

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Live events be & will they be recorded?

  • The Live events will vary in time to accommodate the needs of all our mamas in different time zones. Our monthly Live events with experts will be recorded & shared. However, our support groups will not be recorded. Of course, attending live is the best way to take advantage of the Q&A session, the interaction & community -- but we're all busy mamas & I understand that!

Is this membership only for moms of babies 0 - 12 months of age?

  • Yes, as of right now our membership is only for moms of babies 0 - 12 months of age. I would love to extend this in the near future.

What if I can't find anyone to watch my baby during the Live events & support groups?

  • Mama, we got you! Babies, fussiness, feeding & chaos are all welcome in our Live events & support groups & in fact, we EXPECT all of that! So please don't let a fussy baby prevent you from joining us live. There's a mute button if needed!

What if I can't afford to pay $10/month?

  • Mama, I understand that it's not easy to spend $ on ourselves. However, I know for a fact that YOU matter & you deserve to prioritize yourself & do something that will add value to your life & make a HUGE difference in you as a mama. We spend way more than $10 a month on non-necessities & in my opinion, you can't put a price on connection & support in motherhood. 🤷🏼‍♀️

What if I don't have a lot of time to commit to it?

  • That's totally ok! It's a flexible community meaning you have an opportunity to be involved, connect & engage with other moms or just observe and utilize the resources. This is YOUR space; use it as you wish.

Are we able to cancel if needed?

  • Absolutely! It's a month to month membership. You can cancel at any time. Try it out for a month or two & see!

Is this only for US residents?

  • Nope! It's open to anyone & everyone regardless of where you live! 

   I'M READY!   

Get 3 months for FREE when you join for the year!

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